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had been forced to carry a sub-machine gun through life." The cornet scrambled out of way through the sand, and the giant sting lowered itself to the scratchboard. Th

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e words he inscribed into the blackness were written in a delicate italic, hardly larger than human penmanship: "My son, she is lovely." "It is gracious of you, Elder Cousin, to recognize beauty in a form so unlike your own species," Dink said, bowing. There was a mental chuckle. "Her mind, you clod!" the monster sketched in the scratchboard. "Her lovely, lovely mind." "I am pleased that you ratify my choice of wife, Elder Cous

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understanding," Dink said. "I mean this," Elder Compassion sketched on hi

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. "You came for conquest bearing with you the seeds of violence, and thus defeat. You came to subvert Earth by pandering to Earth's greed. You were yourself, through the agent of your greedy brother,

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ent. Violence has been done. We must now retreat, making such amends as we can. In the years that will soon be upon us, Earth's men will follow us to the Golden Worlds, where you, as Emperor, and Oris

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ill greet them." "To the ship, then?" Dink asked. "What will we do with the rebels? With Kraft, my brother?" "They have earned the payment of exile," Elder Compassion wrote. "We will leave them here

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  • the purple-ears. "Take Kraft to the vault," he said. Ori

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